Wildflower Drive

Robinson Road / Arrowsmith River Crossing is a scenic drive with wildflowers galore, best viewed between mid August and early November.

Heritage Walk

A walk through this mini trail will give you a brief outline of the history of the Three Springs area, while viewing wildflowers, which are local to the area along the way. There is an information board and barbeque facilities situated at the start of the heritage walk.

Talc Mine

10km east of Three Springs lies Western Australia's first Talc Mine. Talc is mined by open cut method and exported for use in the paper, paint and ceramic industries. Three Springs Talc is also processed in WA for cosmetics, agriculture use and carving blocks.

The largest Talc Mine in the Southern Hemisphere and second largest in the World, the annual production exceeds 240,000 tonnes. Overburden heaps with multitudes of different colour soils is not only spectacular, but also makes a unique photograph.

Visitors can observe the open cut mine from the Three Springs/Perenjori Road. Public access to the mine site is not permitted. Talc samples and souvenir carvings are available from the Three Springs Tourist Centre.

Talc Mine
Rose Mallee


Eucalyptus Rose Mallee

The Eucalyptus Rose Mallee (botanical name of Eucalyptus Rhodantha) is a rare species of eucalypt and can be viewed at the Three Springs Hospital Grounds. This plant is the floral emblem of Three Springs. The Eucalyptus Rose Mallee can be found on Sweetman Road 18km south west of Three Springs between June and October.

Pink Lakes

The Pink Lakes is a series of salt lakes located 8km east of Three Springs. Excellent picturesque viewing is found during the spring season when the entire lakes turn crystal pink in colour.

Yarra Yarra Lakes

An intermitted salt lake system which provides unique scenery. Home to flocks of varied species of bird life including swans, pelicans, ducks and the Siberian stilt at various times. The Yarra Yarra Lakes are located 16km south of Three Springs.

Mica Mine Thicket (Dookanooka National Park)

A large stand of natural bushland including native flora and fauna of the area. Located 18km south west of Three Springs.


Wildflowers in the Three Springs area