The Rev E Gill, a quaint old Anglican Minister, cared for the spiritual welfare of many of the early settlers. This Minister was stationed at Dongara and made periodical visits to Three Springs. The Church of St James, Three Springs was licensed in 1932, by Rev Henry Frewen Le Fanu, the second Archbishop of Perth, the Rector of the Parish at the time being E Godfrey Jacquet. St James’ is the Parish for North Midlands which extends from Arrino and Dudawa in the North and Marchagee and Gunyidi in the South.

The first Methodist Minister appointed in 1914 was Mr J.W. Bayliss.

The early settlers of the Roman Catholic Church were cared for by the Rev Father O’Heir, Rev Father Ahern and Rev Father Scanlon. The Church was built in 1911 and the Convent opened on January 28th, 1921. The Presbytery was opened in 1946 the St Paul’s School was opened in 1947. The present Church was opened in 1958 and the present convent was opened in 1964.