The towns source of existance. The Midland Railway was built by a company in England. Running from Midland Junction to Walkaway. The Midland Railway was complete in 1894.

This company has since been taken over by the West Australian Government Railways in 1966 and the line now runs from Midland to Geraldton.

Perth - Midland and Geraldton - Walkaway were connected by rail prior to 1894. By building the line from Midland to Walkaway the Midland Railway completed the rail link between Perth and Geraldton. The first Station Master in Three Springs (A Mortimor) was appointed in 1911. All he had to work in was two small rooms, an office and a parcel room. The first Railway Station was built in 1913 - 1914 and was staffed by a Station Master, an Assistant and also a Night officer.

At first there was no Railway Station - only a siding - and passenger trains only stopped to let passengers down or called upon to stop. This was accomplished by the intending passenger holding a red disc in the daytime or a light at night.