The first school in Three Springs was a private one on Mr Thomas’ farm, the local teacher being a private Tutor named Mr Howes.

Pressure for the establishment of a school in Three Springs began in January 1907 when the local residents partitioned the Inspector General of Schools.

After initial negotiations, the Education Department in April 1907 informed the people that it was not possible to establish a school at the present time. However, following a visit of an Inspector of the Department in May 1907 who recommended that a school in the area was urgently required. The plans were then rejuvenated.

In February 1908 a site was set aside for the new school and tenders were called with Mr M MacKesy receiving the contract for the construction of a school and teachers quarters at the cost of £99. Work commenced in May and the buildings were completed by mid October and opened on the 2nd November 1908 with Miss Dagmar Koch in charge. Originally known as Kadathinni School, the new schools name was changed to Three Springs in 1909.

In February 1917 the Dominican Nuns from Dongara opened a Convent School. The Convent itself was a second hand building brought from a Murchison goldmining town that had suffered a decline. The teaching was carried out in the old church until the opening of St Paul’s Roman Catholic School in 1947. For many years the Nuns did a wonderful job by taking in as borders many young children from Three Springs East and beyond into Perenjori and Morawa districts who were too far away to make a daily trip to any school. The main system was for parents to bring their children in on Monday mornings and pick them up on Friday afternoon.