The first wheat grown in the Kadathinni area was 15 acres grown by the late Mr CF Thomas and cut for hay.

However, as a wheat growing district Three Springs has proved its worth. In 1931-32 the highest average for the State was obtained.

At a world grain exhibition held in Canada in 1933, two prizes were won by Three Springs farmers Messrs EW Franklin and JK Hebiton Snr.

Other prizes won by JK Hebiton Snr and JK Hebiton Jnr include:

  • Perth Royal Show “Sunday Times Cup” for the champion bag of wheat on some 13 occasions between 1918 and 1947
  • Millers Trophy for the best bag of wheat in 1938 and 1939
  • Wheat Field Competition 1923
  • The Sydney Royal Show bag of wheat for Commonwealth 1947
  • Two bronze medals at the British Empire exhibition in London (1924 – 25).