The first European people to traverse the Three Springs area were Lieutenant George Grey and his party when they passed through in 1839.

The next exploration of the area in 1846 was a government sponsored trip to seek out new ‘runs’ for stock which was undertaken by brothers Augustus, Henry and Francis Gregory.

During 1867, while surveyor CC Hunt was undertaking a road survey he arrived at this spot and on his plans, at the latitude of the townsite of today, he recorded the words ‘Three Springs’. The name began to appear on official maps from then on.

John Forrest surveyed the site of a reserve in 1872, this water reserve adjoined the Perth to Geraldton overland road, passing about a mile east of the town of Three Springs. When the Midland Railway built the railway line from Midland Junction to Walkaway they put in a siding here and called it Three Springs.

It is said that the year 1906 was the year in which our District was founded, however, it is known that pastoralists had run stock on portions of the District for many years previously.

Shire of Three Springs Municiple Inventory of Heritage Places 

By clicking here, you will be able to view the Shire of Three Springs Municiple Inventory of Heritage Places. This document includes a detailed timeline of important dates from Three Springs history, pictures and information regarding some buildings and places with historic value.