Medical services are provided through the North Midlands Medical Centre. The resident doctor also services the neighbouring towns of Eneabba, Carnamah and Coorow.

Three Springs Medical Centre

Thomas Street
Three Springs WA 6519
Phone 9954 1013
Fax 9954 1409


A resident dentist provides services to the Three Springs and wider north midlands communities.

Three Springs Dental Clinic

12 Thomas Street
Three Springs WA 6519
Phone 9954 1045
Fax 9954 1324

Community Health Nurse

Areas covered by the community health nurse include child vaccinations, diabetes awareness and other community health programs.

Community Health Clinic

Mayrhofer Street
Three Springs WA 6519
Phone 9954 1075

Saint John Ambulance Service

Three Springs is one of five towns that make up the North Midlands St John Ambulance Service. A number of volunteers provide first response and subsequent inter-hospital transfers as required.

Saint John Ambulance Three Springs Sub Centre

Railway Road
Three Springs WA 6519
Administration Phone: 9951 1030
Emergency: 000