Playgroup (Ages 1-4)

Meets weekly at their own building alongside the Hockey Grounds.

Pre-School (Ages 4 and 5)

Schooling is offered through the primary school.

Primary School (Years 1 to 7)

Available in Three Springs

Junior High School (Years 8 to 10)

Available at the Carnamah District High School (22kms south). A daily bus service is provided.

Senior High School (Years 11 and 12)

Not currently available for Three Springs children. A senior high school is situated at Morawa, a daily bus service is available.

TAFE/Other Tertiary

Limited TAFE courses are available through the Carnamah District High School, otherwise Geraldton or Moora are the closest centres for higher studies.


School Contact Details

Three Springs Primary School

Phone 9954 1076 Fax 9954 1300

Carnamah District High School

Phone 9951 1266