Council's Road Construction

Council is committed to construction and maintenance of a high standard of roads within the Shire.

The total road works program for 2005/2006 is $888,067, which consists of reseals, new sealing work, re-sheeting of gravel roads and general road maintenance. Many of these road works are being either wholly or partially funded via external sources. A full break up of the road works program available in pdf format.

Please click here to download the Shire of Three Springs 2005/2006 Road Program.

Police Licensing

Council is the local agent for police licensing, processing car and boat registrations and transfers, drivers licenses and computer theory and hazard perceptions tests.
Vehicle Inspections are available through AFGRI, Carnamah on 9951 1130.

Plant Hire

Council have various items of plant available for hire including grader, loader, backhoe, tip trucks and rollers. All charge out rates for plant hire listed in our schedule of Fees and Charges include the provision of an experienced operator.